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Home security safes come in all shapes and sizes and you can implement them in the hiding place of your choice.

There are floor safes that you can install underneath a bed or area rug. There are electronic and manual home security safes, and safes that are specifically designed to contain particular types of items.

For example, a data media home security safe is designed to safely store computer disks and other electronic media via controlled temperature and humidity levels. It has been shown that computer disks can deteriorate at temperatures well below 350 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the guaranteed temperature threshold for many traditional document safes..

Gun safes

Gun safes are the proper size for storing long fire arms, such as shotguns and are an effective way to safeguard family members from accidental firings. Gun safes are typically fire proof as well as drill-resistant and can be stored within a closet or other convenient area of your home.

Many home security safe manufacturers offer several types of custom safes in addition to the usual safe types. For example, you may wish to have floor safe equipped with electronic access or a wall safe with features typically found in floor safes, such as a pry resistant door.

If you’re interested in getting a general purpose safe you may wish to consider a larger capacity safe with various shelves as well as larger open areas within the safe compartment. This way you can store various important things, such as money, documents, cameras and other electronics.

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