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Self Installed Home Security Cameras

You can install your own home security cameras

It is affordable and easy.  The representatives with Surveillance-Video.com are fantastic to work with.  They will answer all of your questions patiently and thoroughly.

Home security cameras vary widely.  There are complete systems available that include hidden cameras with equipment to record for 960 hours.  The price for home security cameras like that runs about $615.  Lower priced systems can go as low as $175.  A low priced system is invariably black and white.

Professional grade home security cameras can cost a lot.  I recently found a system that had six color outdoor cameras with a digital recording system.  I can’t imagine who would need this type of system.  I would suppose it would have to be someone extremely rich or famous.

There are good home security cameras on the market for night vision. 

These can be very basic all weather black and white night vision cameras or a much fancier high power wireless infrared night vision security camera that has a weatherproof design.

The fancier night vision home security cameras also work like a champion during the day because of varifocal lenses.  The difference in price between night vision home security cameras can be in the neighborhood of three thousand dollars.

I’m not sure that I ever want to live where you would require the services of explosion proof home security cameras.  They are available for sale, so somebody must need them.

I do think that some people need home security cameras that are vandal-proof.  This is as simple as purchasing a dome camera.  They have very sturdy designs to choose from and are pretty affordable.

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