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My Thoughts On Home Security Alarms

People are talked into home security alarms all the time.

They are told that they’ll be safer and more protected.  Sometimes this is true and other times it is just making profits on vulnerable people.  In this fear-based society that we live in, it is easy to sell home security alarms.

Most home security alarms come with signs to put in your yard.  These are supposed to scare away potential threats.  I’m not sure if the signs work for potential threats.  I do know that seeing one of those signs in someone’s yard just makes me a little sad.  I wonder why they are so frightened.

Window decals proclaiming the presence home security alarms have become the norm.  I think that most of the houses I’ve seen them on don’t have home security alarms.  My in-laws have a leftover sticker in the window of their new home.  They don’t have any interest in home security alarms, but they also haven’t peeled off the sticker.

Good home security alarms come with a command station.  Some even have voice instruction which can be helpful in emergency situations.  A good many alarms that come from home alarm systems are false alarms.  Rarely do real emergencies happen in which home alarm systems are helpful in any meaningful way.

Complete home security alarms put sensors on windows and doors.  The window sensors can be installed to either alarm for breakage or for opening.  The door sensors usually just detect the state of open or closed.  Window sensors have varying degrees of sensitivity and can be adjusted for its specific needs.

Motion detectors are a commonly chosen component of home security alarms.  Some families opt to install them in the living area to detect movement during the night.  This seems a little bit paranoid to me.  I think it is a little frightening to think that there are families using these devices at night just to feel safe.

Sirens for home security alarms can be very loud.  There are ways to install a system that it triggers an interior warning siren prior to a loud exterior siren.  This is a really great feature because if a false alarm sounds, it can be silenced prior to waking up the neighbor.  Chances are your neighbor has no interest whatsoever in home security alarms going off erroneously.

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