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Brinks Home Security is always hiring.  They are an extremely large company and need a wide variety of employees.  Recently, I was looking for jobs with Brinks Home Security in the state of Texas.

In Texas right now, sixteen jobs are posted on the internet as available with Brinks Home Security.  In San Antonio, Brinks Home Security needs a security sales consultant.  They are the people that sell alarm systems and monitoring services to individuals.

Brinks Home Security needs an installation technician in San Antonio as well.  There are not very many requirements beyond a high school diploma for this job.  A trade school certificate is not required.

The Irving office of Brinks Home Security needs a regional sales trainer right now.  This is an important position for Brinks Home Security and requires a four-year degree and three years of experience.  There is required travel with this position as well.

The office in Irving also needs a central sales representative.  This is not a job that requires and travel and you just need a high school diploma to apply for this position.  You would not have to manage others and the offer was for a full-time position.

Security sales consultant positions are open in several cities.  Brinks Home Security needs more technicians and sales people to keep up with the market.  They are hiring in many states besides Texas, like Florida and California.

The Brinks Home Security jobs in Florida are mainly in Orlando and Tampa.  They are hiring for pretty much the same positions at the offices in Texas are.  They need more sales representatives and installation technicians.

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