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People are talked into home security alarms all the time.

They are told that they’ll be safer and more protected.  Sometimes this is true and other times it is just making profits on vulnerable people.  In this fear-based society that we live in, it is easy to sell home security alarms.

Most home security alarms come with signs to put in your yard.  These are supposed to scare away potential threats.  I’m not sure if the signs work for potential threats.  I do know that seeing one of those signs in someone’s yard just makes me a little sad.  I wonder why they are so frightened.

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  • ADT Home Security
    ADT is a division of Tyco and partners with other subsidiaries of Tyco to provide closed circuit television systems, intruder and access control, as well as fire alarm systems to various types of businesses and end user consumers.

  • Brinks Home Security
    Brinks Home Security is always hiring. They are an extremely large company and need a wide variety of employees.

  • Home Alarms
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