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ADT Home Security: A Company Overview

ADT is a division of Tyco and partners with other subsidiaries of Tyco to provide closed circuit television systems, intruder and access control, as well as fire alarm systems to various types of businesses and end user consumers.

ADT Home Security has over 20 million customers across the United States and ahs grown to be one of the most well known juggernauts of the security industry.

ADT’s products and services include:

• Intruder alarms
• Home security monitoring
• Fire detection
• Fire extinguishing and suppression systems
• Closed circuit television systems
• Public address and voice alarm systems (PA / VA)
• Care communications, which includes such things as bathroom alarms, staff attack alert systems, hospital nurse alert and call systems as well as other types of notification and alarm systems.
• Electronic article surveillance

ADT has a longstanding tradition of buying out smaller security companies simply to gain their customers and contracts, though in most cases the current customers’ security systems are still monitored by the original security company.

ADT Home Security currently has branches spanning the United States, Latin America and Canada, as well as 19 countries in Europe. In the United Kingdom, ADT has over 41 branches and employs approximately 6000 people.

ADT Home Security also has branches in Africa, 7 countries of Asia and branches in New  Zealand and Australia.

For more information about ADT home security products and services available in your area, please visit their official website at http://www.adt.com.

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