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By Simon Healy

The very best form of home security is making the right choices about who to bring into your house. 

If you allow many people come through your home that you don’t really know, you expose yourself to danger.  It is a good idea to limit the number of your children’s friends you allow through your house.

Home security alarms don’t usually end up protecting women and children from what they sometimes fear most. Domestic violence can not be deterred with a home security alarm.  Women and children are far more likely to be injured by what has been locked in the house with them.

Installing a home security system can be a complete waste of your time, energy and money.  Most people do not respond to alarm sirens anymore.  They will get irritated at the very sound of them and not go to investigate the cause.  There have been so many false alarms since the advent of car alarms that people are not conditioned to ignore all sirens.

Your computers also need security and we recommend Safe Surfing Suite™ combines Anonymous Surfing, Anti-Spyware and Digital Shredder Lite and Nyms into one solution!

I don’t feel guilty about not investigating an alarm.  It is not my job to locate the cause of a siren.  Home security is usually done so poorly that false alarms are the norm.  Some people think that they can install their own home security system.  They usually do the worst job and have the most false alarms.

I don’t think that most people with a home security alarm even use it properly. 

To truly secure a home you would need to spend considerably more than what is typical.  Office buildings use commercial alarm companies that are priced out of a regular homeowner’s security budget.  There are a lot of discount packages offered by home security companies and it is important to keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

Another great idea for home security is locking the door.  It sounds very simple, but there are a lot of people that still live without locking their doors.  I rarely lock my door whether or not I’m home.  If I plan to be gone for more than two days, I may lock my door.  I am also not worried about being burglarized and don’t feel the need for home security.

Home security devices also include timers to time events like lights going on and off while the homeowner is not home.  These are very effective when used in conjunction with a friend or neighbor retrieving your newspapers and mail.  It doesn’t matter if your lights make it look like you are home, but there is a pile of newspapers on your front steps indicating that you aren’t.

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